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A Helping Hand To Musicians All Over The World-Kevin Gani

Oftentimes, being an artist involved in the music industry does not mean just being a singer or composer. Indeed, this multifaceted process requires several helping hands to create one final song. This is where Kevin Gani comes in. Working professionally as a multi-genre, international music producer, Kevin Gani has lent his skills to several artists and is known for his contribution to the discography of top names such as Chip, Bugzy Malone, M Huncho, Not3s, Kennie Allstar, Blinkie, and more. The most recent of Kevin Gani’s collaborations have been with Bugzy Malone, for his comeback album “Resurrection”.

The work of a record producer is not one to be dismissed quickly. A song is not made up of only lyrics or beats, rather it is a medley of the two. How they incorporate into each other and the quality of the final track is what decides how the audience will perceive it. Without a proper record producer, even the best song can seem like it is amateur work which is quite a no-no in today’s highly competitive music industry. Kevin Gani has been cultivating his skills as a music producer for quite some time now and has developed several tried and tested tricks that allowed him to offer the best to the artists he works with- most of whom always testify to the amount of space Kevin Gani provides, so that they may pursue their own individuality and creativity.

Kevin Gani is a man who knows the beauty of listening to good music along with a great drink in hand, which is why he has also invested his time into Kamo vodka. Co-owned by Kevin Gani, Kamo is a super-premium Vodka brand with a unique taste and indisputable quality. The liquid has been filtered 9 times and distilled 7 times which is the reason behind Kamo vodka’s distinct characters and ultimate smoothness. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Kamo Vodka is handcrafted and batch distilled which allows for superior quality in comparison to most other mass-produced vodkas. Recently it also won the Masters medal at the Global Vodka Masters 2021 competition held in London going further to get featured in the Forbes magazine. 

Surely, Kevin Gani has a long way to go and hopes to achieve a lot more before he has to ultimately retire. This ambitious and dedicated personality will be sure to create a lot more hits before that time comes. If you want to know more about Kevin Gani and come along on his journey, make sure to follow him on his social media profiles linked below:

Instagram: instagram.com/kevingani/

Twitter: KevinGaniMusic

Facebook: IamKevinGani

Website: www.kevingani.com

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