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Stevie J Accuses Faith Evans Of Infidelity Inside Their Home.

Stevie J

They’ve kept the majority of their relationship private because unfavourable headlines have frequently surfaced, but Stevie J and Faith Evans’ failed marriage is now a trending topic. The longtime friends first met when Stevie was working as a Bad Boy producer. Faith was, of course, in a relationship with Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace at the time, but they found love with each other all these years later.

Over a year after his 'domestic violence arrest,' Stevie J files for  divorce from his wife Faith Evans. - Techno Trenz

The couple’s marriage came as a surprise to Hip Hop fans, but the couple reportedly married in a Las Vegas ceremony in 2018. There have been rumours about alleged breakups, as well as news of Faith being arrested for domestic violence. Despite this, the couple remained together until news of Stevie J’s divorce became public.

Later, Faith shared videos of herself and Stevie doing cartwheels at the beach, and today (November 16), a video of the two fighting has gone viral on social media. Faith tells Stevie that she despises him and begs him to move out of her way and leave her alone in the clip.”F*ck you as well. I’m not going anywhere, “Stevie responded. “I despise you as well.” “Leave me alone!” Faith is heard saying over him. Stevie then claimed Faith cheated on him in their home while he repeatedly called her a “b*tch.”

Stevie eventually fell asleep in his bed, but he wasn’t done. He hovered over her, wondering how she could do such a thing to him when all he did was love her.”Please take your hands off of me!” Faith responded. Watch the drama unfold in the video below.


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