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The Show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix Discloses That She Froze Her Eggs: ‘It’s All About Having Power.’

Vanderpump Rules

Ariana Madix is disclosing why she froze her eggs.Ariana revealed on Tuesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules that she chose to freeze her eggs quietly during a conversation with her best friend Scheana Shay, whom she paid a visit to with fiancé Brock Davies.Ariana, 36, has been in a relationship with co-star Tom Sandoval since 2014.

She has been outspoken about her opposition to marriage and having children throughout their relationship.Ariana, who was holding Scheana and Brock’s infant daughter Summer Moon, asked the couple, “Do you think you want another?””I’d love to give her a sibling, but I’m not sure I want to put myself in danger now that I’m a mom,” Scheana, 36, said.

“So I’m thinking about [my options], which I wanted to ask you about because I know you froze your eggs as well.” Ariana was then asked if she was thinking about surrogacy after freezing her eggs. “No. Are you sure? “She replied.”Well, if we got surrogates together, we could just have so much fun watching someone else carry our babies,” Scheana joked as Ariana teased. “So what we’re looking for are two best friends to serve as surrogates.”

“Surprise! I had frozen my eggs “She explained to the cameras. “Scheana and I were going to freeze our eggs together. Then she became pregnant.

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“Ariana, on the other hand, has stated that she does not intend to start having children anytime soon.”This does not mean I’m jumping on the baby bandwagon,” she added. “It’s about having control over my own body and my own destiny. It’s also a nice f—- you to anyone who questions my values or choices.” Ariana revealed on Watch What Happens Live last month whether her VPR castmates’ COVID-19 pandemic baby boom made her want children sooner.

“No, it does not. These aren’t my first friends who have children “According to the reality star. She also discussed her recently changed stance on marriage.”The main thing for me is that I’m not really into all of the fanfare. It’s really about the two of them “She stated. “So, if it was just about us, I honestly believe I would be more open to it. I just don’t want it to be a big deal with a big wedding and a bachelorette party and all that nonsense.”


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