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Tea Sea’s Latest Single Explores The Dark Side Of Love

If you are a fan of Future, Lil Wayne or Kid Cudi, you are sure to love Tea Sea. Besides taking inspiration from them, Tea Sea follows manga, video games, and anime for creativity. He is an independent artist who released his latest single ‘ Vitals’ in 2021. The song perfectly captures the difference between the romanticized version of love versus how it takes place in reality. It is common for people to sing about the positive aspect of love but projecting the darker side is quite difficult and daring. He is specifically a rapper and singer who loves RnB and soul music. In case you loved his song, do not worry as a whole album is coming your way.

Vitals falls in the contemporary genre of music. The inspiration behind Vitals sprung from mental mania which one usually experiences after falling in love with someone. This exposes their vulnerabilities and insecurities. Originally hailing from Odenton in Maryland, Tea Sea’s vocals are on another level in this song. The song projects the feeling of anxiety one feels in love accurately. This indie RnB song is extremely catchy and groovy with its beats and soulful music that will automatically make you vibe. While being catchy, it is also insightful and emotional.

Tea Sea had said, “Vitals was inspired by a woman who stirred feelings in me that I never really felt before.” He knew that people are more prone to concentrate on the better side of love and relationships. However, he wanted to focus on the discomfort and vulnerable side of love. He wanted to project the emotional baggage that one carried when one was exposed to such strong emotions. It could even trigger symptoms of mental mania. This especially goes for the ones who have low self-esteem with insecurities and are overthinkers.

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The lyrics and music are soulful from the beginning itself. One is bound to feel a sense of intimacy and connection throughout the track. This song is destined to place Tea Sea’s career-high in the music industry.

Tea Sea debuted in the music industry with ‘Kaleidoscope Jellyfish’ three years back in 2018. From the initial stages itself, his determination and vigour to make a name for himself are projected. He has released three songs in total this year. Thus, it is evident that the lockdown is acting as a source of creativity and inspiration for Tea Sea.

In case you want to hear his soulful and groovy single, Vitals is now streaming on both Spotify and SoundCloud.

You can also keep up with his latest songs and upcoming releases by following his social media handles:
Instagram: @teasea_tc
Twitter: @teasea_tc

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