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The iPhone 13 Sounds Even More Disappointing In Light Of The Pixel 6 Redesign.

The iPhone 13 is possibly the most repulsive iPhone in years.

If you want to purchase an iPhone, this might not be the year since the iPhone 13 is just a minor upgrade over the iPhone 12. If that is the case, it may not stand out this year in comparison to other phones on the market, especially the Google Pixel 6.

Of course, we’re talking about an iPhone, so it’s bound to be a smashing success. With the iPhone 13 selling in the millions, Apple can simply update the chipset and call it a day. However, unless you’re desperate for a new iPhone, you can wait another year or look into the world of Android for your next handset.

What exactly is the iPhone 13? More akin to the iPhone 12S

It is still early days for speculation on the iPhone 13, but what we have seen so far could be the iPhone 12S minus the name (or perhaps even in name too).

According to leaks, the handset lineup has been iteratively revised since last year (iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max), as have screen sizes and resolutions.

According to reports, the iPhone 13 series would have a style similar to the iPhone 12 series. We anticipate only minor proportional changes.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, the cameras may be tweaked, but not significantly. Openings will be changed, and minor hardware changes will be made, but no major updates are planned.

Even the chipset, which is normally a huge improvement for any new smartphone, could be a minor update, with rumors claiming it’s as large as the iPhone 12’s chipset, so it won’t be a significant shift.

To date, the only significant change to the iPhone 13 line seems to be a 120Hz refresh rate display, which is only rumored for Pro models and something that Android has provided for years – with a number of Android phones with even higher refresh rates.

Purchase a Pixel 6

As Apple appears to be running on the iPhone 13, Google appears to have awoken from its slumber and created an exciting smartphone.

The Pixel 6 could take on the next iPhone with a custom Google processor

We don’t want to dismiss past pixels because they’re slick, trendy smartphones with strong technology, great cameras, and usually fair prices. They are not, however, the most innovative or inspiring devices, even though the Google Pixel 6 is.

We say may because nothing has been verified, but a leak revealed the potential design, which varies significantly from previous Pixels as well as nearly any other smartphone. A black camera block runs from one side to the other, with an orange overcoat and white or peach underneath.

Yes, it’s in phonetic form like Geordie La Forge, and it’s bound to divide people, but it’s far from dull or stupid.

When combined with the Pixel 6’s Google-made chipset, it could be more than just a trusted way to stock Android – it could be a true competitor like the Samsung Galaxy S21, making the iPhone 13 look fragile.

However, although the Pixel 6 comparison won’t help the iPhone 13 (especially because the two are expected to arrive by the end of the year), it isn’t the only smartphone that landed – or is expected to land – in 2021.

There’s a lot going on in Android right now, from the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra with its large camera blocks and rear pane to the Samsung S21 Ultra with S-Pen support and endless cameras to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 and Huawei P50 (which looks like it has its own insane camera design and definitely will run HarmonyOS).

The future seems promising (er)

It’s not that you won’t be happy about Apple’s phones; it’s just that you’ll have to wait until 2022 or later for your enthusiasm to pay off.

First and foremost, sources said that the iPhone 14 had a 48MP main camera (up from just 12MP on the iPhone 12 range). This camera is also capable of recording 8K video (up from 4K on current models).

Kuo: iPhone 14 to have 48MP camera, 8K video, no more iPhone mini from 2022  - GSMArena.com news

Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 can include a periscope monitor. This could result in a 5x or 10x optical zoom.

It was also said that Apple eventually got rid of the notch on its phones, and although some sources claim that this will happen this year, we will have to wait until at least 2022.

Getting rid of the notch would allow for a completely new design and look, and hopefully, Apple would take advantage of the opportunity to redesign the rest of the phone, as there haven’t been many visual changes since the iPhone X added the first touch to Apple’s lineup.

The launch of the foldable iPhone flip is also expected within the next two to three years.

There will undoubtedly be some significant updates to the iPhone in the future, but not in the near future, and considering the competition mentioned above, the iPhone 13 may be one of the most forgettable iPhones ever.

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