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The PCOS Challenge Has Announced A Family Building Grant To Assist People Affected By Polycystic Ovary Syndrome And Infertility.


ATLANTA, September 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — — The PCOS Challenge: The National Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association has announced a grant for 2021 to assist patients dealing with infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in starting families.

The PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant includes a free IVF cycle and is the first grant of its kind designed specifically for people suffering from PCOS-related infertility. PCOS is a genetic, endocrine, metabolic, and reproductive disorder that affects up to 15% of American women. PCOS is the most common hormone disorder in women, accounting for roughly 80% of women experiencing anovulatory infertility. PCOS increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, endometrial cancer, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, anxiety, depression, and other serious conditions, all at a younger age.

“There are significant gaps in access to care for PCOS patients due to insurance coverage for infertility, nutrition counselling, hair and skin issues, and other related health concerns,” Sasha Ottey, Executive Director of PCOS Challenge, says. “PCOS is the most common cause of anovulatory infertility.

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” Many PCOS patients are unable to obtain the assistance they require to start families because most insurance plans do not cover infertility.”We are pleased to collaborate with leading practises such as The IVF Center: Fertility CARE and RMA of Connecticut to provide the PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant.” It is a significant step forward in addressing an underserved area of PCOS care that we hope will be followed and supported by others. More organisations are needed to assist PCOS patients. We are pleased that, with the assistance of The IVF Center: Fertility CARE and RMA of Connecticut, we can contribute to closing this significant healthcare gap.

“”Through the PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant, The IVF Center: Fertility Care will once again donate a free IVF cycle to a PCOS patient this year.” “We’ve committed to doing this on an annual basis,” says Dr. Mark Trolice, Medical Director of The IVF Center: Fertility Care.

“While we work and advocate for insurance coverage for fertility treatments, we hope that this grant will help ease the financial burden of family-building for one lucky couple each year.” I urge my colleagues to collaborate with PCOS Challenge in order to offer this grant to a patient in their area, because patients should not have to struggle financially in order to have a child.” “Last year, my patient was awarded a PCOS Challenge Family Building Grant. She is now expecting a child.

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We are thrilled for her and her husband, who would not have been able to proceed without this grant, and we are extremely grateful,” says Dr. Joshua Hurwitz, Reproductive Endocrinologist at RMA of Connecticut.”Too often, couples who are trying to build their families run out of insurance coverage before they reach their goals, or simply don’t have insurance coverage at all,” says Dr. Ilana Ressler, a Reproductive Endocrinologist and another member of the RMA of Connecticut team. Many people cannot afford to pay for fertility treatment out of pocket. We were thrilled to be able to collaborate with PCOS Challenge to offer a family-building grant that included a free IVF cycle!”


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