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Victoria Inyama Warns On A Sex Tape, “Be Careful Who You Experiment With.”

Victoria Inyama

Tiwa Savage’s sex tape made the rounds on social media platforms a few days ago, and commentators from all walks of life had a field day reviewing the short clip.Despite the fact that the songstress had spoken about the sex tape before it was made public, many people were shocked by the short clip. Savage previously stated that she would not be blackmailed into paying money to silence the blackmailer, and that she was simply “doing something natural” with her boyfriend.

The Afrobeats queen also disclosed that the video was not created by her team. Rather, she claimed that it was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover, who promptly deleted it when he realised his mistake. Unfortunately, it was too late.Victoria Inyama, a UK-based actress, warned lovers to be cautious about who they entrust their sex tapes or videos with in an interview with Saturday Beats.

Marital rape exists, I have experienced it - Victoria Inyama counters Anita  Joseph (Video) - Lucipost

“These days, modern technology provides us with ample opportunity to find out what we look like while having sex,” she explained. I don’t believe it’s just sex. It’s more like having a good time. Watching themselves afterwards, like watching porn or erotic videos, may help most couples get turned on. Another reason, I believe, is’self-eroticism.’ There’s something intensely intimate about self-eroticism, and something inherently sexy about watching yourself having sex while in the act. It also reveals a bit of narcissism in that we want to see what we look like in a sexual state.

Some egocentric people prefer to have sexual pleasure with themselves rather than with their partners.”I’ll just say that when embarking on this adventure, people should keep in mind that there are some dos and don’ts.” Don’t, for example, combine sex filming and alcohol. Second, make sure it’s with someone you can rely on to keep the footage private at all times. Also, make an agreement that the footage will not be exposed under any circumstances, or, better yet, that it will be deleted. It becomes a crime if it is discovered. Celebrities are humans and adults, and there are no rules when it comes to love and relationships.” When asked if victims or parties should not be harshly criticised or judged, particularly if they are public figures, she responded, “It is a very complicated matter.” I wouldn’t be too concerned about ordinary couples.

Actress Victoria Inyama lambast a Troll who claimed she slept with Richard  Mofe-Damijo (Photo) - Lucipost

But, in the case of celebrities, I’ll be wondering if it’s a cry for help. It could be a performer (which a lot of them are these days). The truth is that sex is a normal psychological function, and human behaviour, whether acceptable or unacceptable, is determined by our various cultural norms. I believe it is their business as long as the activity is consensual and does not cause any distress or impairment. It’s a different storey when it comes to exposing the footage.”Savage is not the first Nigerian celebrity to be blackmailed because of his nakedness. Salawa Abeni, the Queen of Waka music, released her nude photos in April 2020 after being threatened by a blackmailer. In April 2020, Toke Makinwa, a media personality, dared blackmailers who threatened to publish her nude photos by posting one of the photos on Instagram with a long note addressed to the unknown blackmailers.


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