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We Can’t Believe It: A Partial Lunar Eclipse Will Occur After The Patriots-Falcons Game, Which Will Last Three Hours And 28 Minutes.

Patriots-Falcons Game

On Thursday Night Football, the Patriots face the Falcons, and anyone who follows football knows there is a simple, catch-all phrase for this matchup: 28-3. When a team makes a comeback, it’s all over social media. Every March 28th, images of Julian Edelman’s catch go viral. It’s a rallying cry for Patriots fans and a painful reminder for Falcons fans.

We weren’t going to bring it up before the game in Atlanta, but the universe has other plans. As in, literally.A partial lunar eclipse will occur between November 18 and 19, according to NASA. “That sounds lovely for stargazers,” you might be thinking, “but why is Patriots.com writing about a lunar eclipse?”The answer is, well, kismet.

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This partial lunar eclipse will last three hours and twenty-eight minutes. Yes, it’s the day when the Patriots and Falcons square off. This stuff isn’t made up.

To add to the intrigue, this will be the longest partial lunar eclipse in 580 years, so the duration isn’t purely coincidental. It’s important.

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The eclipse will begin around 2 a.m. on the East Coast and peak around 4 a.m., so if you’re up for Thursday Night Football, you might just be awake to see it.

Last year, a Patriots souvenir ended up on the International Space Station, but now even the moon is cracking 28-3 jokes. It’s truly extraordinary. Dalton Mullinax, a meteorologist for the Weather Channel, drew attention to this strange lunar occurrence.


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