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With The Cover Art For “Fuck Him All Night,” Azealia Banks Pays Homage To Kanye West.


Seven days subsequent to indicating her Fantasea 2 for the thousandth time this previous decade, Azealia Banks has delivered a cover for her most recent single, “Screw Him All Night.”

Titled concerning Kanye West, the Harlem rapper has definitely had an intriguing excursion all through the features with regards to referencing the guy.

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Her nails explain the man’s name on this cover, one that brags craftsmanship suggestive endless 70s and 80s collections, showing their jeans around the groin region and so forth.

As indicated by her latest post with respect to delivering another single, she referenced the date July ninth. However very little authority word on that since The Harlem rapper’s latest track, “Dark Madonna,” dropped in May and was pretty much recounting what she’s as yet prepared to do, so we’re anticipating hearing her braggadocious interpretations once again.

Aside from music, Banks’ name has not been in the news time after time lately, which has consistently end up being an extraordinariness for her, despite the fact that she certifies this better than ever way of life of her’s to recruiting another female chief and tasting on a lot of green juice.

Everything being equal, this sounds like it would be helpful for anyone. Inform us as to whether you’re anticipating hearing “Screw Him All Night” on July 9.


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