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Written Update: Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, September 24, 2021 Angoori And Anita Accept Their Husbands’ Forgiveness.


Today, Angoori and Anita visit Saxena’s talk show as visitors.

Saxena invites them and tells his watchers that today he will get some information about their musings on extramarital undertakings.

Anita addresses his inquiry by saying that beforehand she was exceptionally older style and thought that her better half was her just perfect partner. Afterward, Anita adds that she was affected by Vibhuti’s perspectives and she took a stab at acting as indicated by his thoughts, and today she adores this way of life. Angoori concurs with Anita and tells that their spouses helped them a great deal as they are extremely tolerant.

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Anita and Angoori thank their spouses for showing them the right method of living. Angoori argues each lady to apply Tiwari’s equation in their daily routine as experiencing with one spouse can be exceptionally exhausting. Saxena upholds the idea and commendations Anita and Angoori. Sooner or later, Anita acquaints Mr.Gupta with Vibhuti and advises the last to get ready snacks for them. Vibhuti goes into the kitchen and faults Saxena’s syndicated program for destroying his wedded life. Further, Mr. Gupta visits Tiwari’s home while the last gets angry and tosses him out. Tiwari calls Ammaji and gets stunned as she upholds her issue.


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