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Anna Faris claims she and ex-husband Chris Pratt kept their marital troubles private.

Star Anna Faris from Hollywood reflects on her past marriage with Chris Pratt, an ex-music and actor, and on how her marriage problems were kept hidden from even their closest circles.

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Anna Faris is Unqualified, the Mom actor, a 44-year-old who chats with Rachel Bilson on the podcast, said that even some of her and Pratt’s closest friends didn’t know about their problems in the marriage.

“I think after every breakup, I realise that at some point there were many things I didn’t know I shouldn’t really have,” Faris explained.

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“I think I’ve been stunned in many ways. One was that I never talked about any problems, so to people, even with whom I was closest, I am sure that my relationship with Ben [Indra] [the first husband] is more transparent, but with Chris, I think we protected that imagery even in our close circles,” she said.

Faris went on to share a storey about a caller who asked about the end of a deal.

“I think it’s a smarter, stronger and braver move to get rid of an engagement than what I did. Well, I think everyone expects this, so let’s just get through,” she said.


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