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Erica and Safaree Mena Are Expecting Their Second Child


We thought for a while that Safaree Samuels’ marriage with Erica Mena had ended. After all, via Instagram he told the whole world that their marriage was over, that as a single man he was ending 2020 and marrying was his worst decision.

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He finally saw the mistake of his ways, which he broadcast this kind of publicity publicly. He was also publicly excused and claimed to love his wife and to have childish activities.

We have no idea what the future holds for them as a couple. However, Safaree did announce today that the family he’s built with Erica is growing.

Safaree wrote on Instagram, “Safire got a new sibling.” Who is the new baby? It’s time for #2under2 to be neutered. I now require a chef and a nanny.

As its title states, in February of last year Safaree and Erica welcomed their daughter Safire Majesty Samuels.

Third child for Erica

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This child is the third for Erica Mena, who shares with record-maker Raul Conde a 14-year-old son. She has a strict rule to keep Conde away from social media and from reality television.

Mena mentioned the relationship problems she had in the past in her post about pregnancy.

“More life. More life. Anyway, who wants the perfect love storey?”

While Safaree could still… adapt to what it means to be a good husband. He did the right thing as Safire entered the world.

He was touring his album Straitt on Rhode Island. He cancelled the concert and told fans that the water of his wife had broken. And he made it for birth in time.

Hopefully, Safaree and Erica will also come to some kind of understanding about their marriage as they welcome that new baby.

Meanwhile, congratulations to both for their new bundle of joy.


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