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Behnood Javaherpour Has Been Excelling Beyond Boundaries As One Of The Finest Fashion Designers In The Town.

If we look around us, each industry has been taken by storm by few human beings. These individuals display a different level of vision, passion, and commitment to their respective niches and forte. However, only a few have gone ahead in creating milestones in whatever they have chosen to do in their lives and careers. Behnood Javaherpour is making his unique name as one such rare gem in fashion, art and business. He is a goal-driven and passionate 35-year-old man who has completely immersed himself in the world of art and now is riding high on success as a fashion designer, art curator, and also philanthropist.

Even after being born into a well-to-do family, several people in this world choose to pave their path and reach their definition of success. Behnood Javaherpour is all about this and much more, who confesses he hardly got any assistance from his family. Instead, he chose to develop great friendships and rely on his passion and a solid resolve to make it huge in his career, leading him to become a fabric broker. Behnood was born in Iran and grew up between Italy and Paris. The fire he felt for the world of art can be attributed to his parents, where his father was already designing and producing equipment. In contrast, his mother was an antique dealer, also involved in the textile world.

Behnood Javaherpour

Things started rolling out for Behnood at a very tender age of 15, where he discovered a way to trade fabric from Italy to Iran and across the UAE. This led him to persuade a producer to sell him €25,000 worth of material for an Iranian client. Since then, he has never looked back and now has become a big name in the world of fashion and art. He has been making his mark in the business world, having to his credit nine companies, where he manages the position of the Chief Executive, which includes art dealership, property investing, and his clothing line, which he considers his passion.

Paving his path, Behnood was able to make profits and then invested in art and properties. Later, he started selling European horses in Dubai and Iran. All this progress and the kind of contacts he developed over time helped gain his fashion brand more attraction and recognition. Behnood Javaherpour spearheads his clothing brand named ‘Behnoode’ and his art museum called ‘Behnoode Foundation’.

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Instagram- https://instagram.com/behnoodefoundation

Website- https://behnoodefoundation.com/

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