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Cesaro’s WrestleMania 37 Victory Over Seth Rollins Should Be “Expunged From The Records” According to Paul Heyman


Heyman made the comments on “Talking Smack” following Roman Reigns’ successful title defense over Daniel Bryan.

WrestleMania 37 set reveal at Raymond James Stadium - YouTube

Roman Reigns is rising through the ranks is something that both Paul Heyman and Cesaro are both helping with

According to fans, the former US Champion will feud with Bryan, who defeated him on this week’s SmackDown.

Due to the stipulation in the match, Bryan was forced to depart. There’s a good chance he’ll join Monday Night Raw or WWE NXT.

When it had started to rain, Heyman questioned the integrity of Rollins’ win in the 30-man ladder match at WrestleMania 37 because of that.”

“Paul Heyman said that if he didn’t have any deadlines, he could write something for two hours (transcriptions via Danny Hart of Sportskeeda),

Heyman declared, “I never have time because it’s a full-time job, and I don’t.” “But, should it have been, I would have employed a number of attorneys to request that the outcome of the match be expunged from the record. An injustice of epic proportions.”

It was among the worst decisions in WWE history, according to Heyman.

He has won the WrestleMania singles tournament for the first time in his career with this victory.

Although they no longer were competing on the same show, Cesaro and Rollins continued their rivalry on last week’s edition of WWE Main Event. Bryan and he formed a team with Nakamura to vanquish the architect (who absconded the venue). Afterwards, Bryan pushed for Reigns to give Cesaro a Universal Championship match. However, Reigns refused and told Cesaro that he’s not on his level, before offering Bryan one final chance to beat him.

Heyman Being Smart

Since Reigns won the match, Cesaro challenged the Universal Champion immediately. As far as Cesaro was concerned, however, however, Uso came to his defence and took the offensive. At the end of the speech, Bryan had received a conchair

In 15 days’ time, WrestleMania will be here. When Cesaro gets his first opportunity to win the title, that looks plausible

Paul Heyman Offers a Spoiler on a WWE WrestleMania 37 Match

Cesaro obviously won the match against Rollins fair and square. This is just another example of Heyman doing some of his best heel work as he builds up Reigns’ upcoming program with the longtime fan favorite. Needless to say, Cesaro vs. Reigns shouldn’t disappoint whatsoever.


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