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Coronji Calhoun Sr., Who Portrayed Halle Berry’s Son In ‘Monster’s Ball,’ Has Died At The Age Of 30.

Coronji Calhoun Sr

Coronji Calhoun Sr., the entertainer who played Tyrell, the child of Halle Berry and Sean Diddy Combs characters, in the 2001 film Monsters Ball, passed on Oct. 13. He was 30. Calhoun passed on of congestive cardiovascular breakdown and lung issues, CBS member 4WWL affirmed.

The news was shared by his mom Theresa Bailey with 4WWL and through a GoFundMe page named Coronjis Homecoming, where she expected to fund-raise to provide Coronji with a holy festival of life. The pledge drive plans to raise $14,000, and it has gotten two gifts of $3,394 from Berry and Lee Daniels, who delivered Monsters Ball. Calhoun showed up in the film, his main acting credit, when he was 10 years of age. Set and shot in Louisiana, where Calhoun was from, the film follows a single man named Hank Grotowski (Billy Bob Thornton) and his child Sonny (Heath Ledger), two prison guards working in a the jail execution of Lawrence Musgroves (Combs), an indicted killer.

Monster's Ball Actor Coronji Calhoun Sr. Dead at 30 - E! Online

The film then, at that point, checks out the existences of Leticia Musgroves (Berry) and Tyrell, as Leticia genuinely and sincerely mishandles Tyrell because of his weight. Hank sees the mother and child out and about calling for help when Tyrell is struck by a vehicle one evening, and without knowing theyre identified with Lawrence, Hank drives them to the clinic, where Tyrell is articulated dead.

He later takes Leticia home and discovers what her identity is, without uncovering his contribution in Lawrences death.According to the GoFundMe, Calhouns memorial service occurred on Nov 10.

For the benefit of the Calhoun and Bailey family, I might want to thank every single person who thought that it is in their souls to broaden the truly necessary monetary help to lay Coronji Sr. to rest, Bailey composed on the page. We are passed up the overflowing of affection the local area and Coronjis took on family has displayed during our course of distress.

While the monetary weight has been lifted, we actually grieve the deficiency of my child. As we close this section, we request that in your recognition from him, you make sure to cherish your neighbor as yourself, since that is how Coronji helped his whole local area.


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