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Covid-19 Booster Shots Will Be Available To People Aged 50 To 59 Beginning On October 4th.


Individuals aged 50 to 59 who have been fully vaccinated will be progressively invited to receive booster shots beginning October 4, according to Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH).Those who qualify will receive a text message with a personalised booking link sent to the mobile numbers they provided when they received their first two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. Those who have completed their vaccination regimen at least six months ago will be eligible for the booster.

The Covid-19 expert committee has recommended that this age group also receive boosters, as data shows that those aged 50 to 59 have a higher risk of underlying comorbidities, and thus a higher risk of severe illness, when compared to younger people. They would also have finished their primary course of vaccination earlier in the year, implying that their levels of protection may have dwindled over time. The committee also recommended halving the Moderna vaccine booster dosage to 50mcg.

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The lower dosage is “sufficient to significantly boost immune response,” according to MOH, and will also ensure vaccine efficiency.The ministry assured those who have already received 100mcg of the Moderna vaccine for their booster dose that there are no safety concerns.

The 100mcg dose of the Moderna vaccine will be used for the two-dose primary vaccination regimen as well as the three-dose enhanced series for immunocompromised people.


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