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DDB Yayo’s Latest Release, ‘Lemme Lone’ And ‘To the Top,’ Hit The Chartbusters In No Time.

He can definitely be termed as the next big thing in the world of music, looking at the popularity his singles have garnered so far.

There has been a steady rise of new talents entering various industries, especially the entertainment industry of which music holds a major part in. These powerhouses of talent have taken over their respective fields like never before and showcased their immense talent, much to the amazement of the audiences. Some of them have been able to carve their distinct niche and emerged as stars who have enthralled a global audience base with their astounding work. These are the ones who have emerged out of nowhere, having no connections in the music industry or whatsoever, and have attained unimaginable success in their careers. When we talk about these few artists who have paved their own path to glory, one name that comes to our minds is DDB Yayo the rising Orlando hiphop star, whose unique talent has got him amidst the top league of music artists who have made their own mark and continue to rule the music realm. Without any second thoughts, we can say that he is the ‘Rising Star’ of Orlando who has enthralled all with his music and songwriting.

Ddb Yayo's Rise To The Top (Story)

His EP titled ‘Rising Star’ gave DDB Yayo the much required recognition that a talent like him truly deserved and that further boosted his confidence to present more to the audience who loved his work. His latest tracks ‘Lemme Lone’ and ‘To the top’, has again hit the bulls eye with audiences going gaga over it, the proof lies in the number of views and streams his songs have been garnering across all music streaming platforms. ‘Lemme Lone’, which released in May has DDB Yayo’s distinct style which has caught up big time with the audiences and same goes for his other track ‘To the top’, which is getting much adulation from fans all over. When asked how does he feel seeing the humongous positive response from music lovers, he says, “I have always tried to give something unique to the audience which amazes them, also to work really hard to get the desired results making sure they get something which they relate to. My latest tracks have been created with much honesty and the results are out in the open.”

He is definitely the next big star, looking at the popularity and following he has been gaining of late. We hope to see much more of this fantastic music artist in coming times. Stay tuned.

Listen to his latest releases here :

Lemme Lone

To the top

Follow him on Instagram: @ddb_yayo

Facebook : DDB Yayo

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