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Doctors’ Opinions Charlie Watts Will Miss The Rolling Stones’ Tour In 2021, And A Replacement Has Been Named.


At the point when the Rolling Stones hit the road on the ‘No Filter’ visit not long from now, they will probably be without the administrations of drummer Charlie Watts, who was exhorted by specialists to pass on the forthcoming run.

He did, in any case, name his own fill-in, tapping 64-year-old Steve Jordan for the work.

“Charlie has had a strategy which was totally fruitful, however I accumulate his primary care physicians this week reasoned that he now needs appropriate rest and recovery,” said a representative for the band in an official statement, taking note of the drummer was “impossible” to be accessible for the fall journey. “With practices beginning two or three weeks it’s extremely disillusioning most definitely, but on the other hand any reasonable person would agree nobody saw this coming.”

Charlie Watts 'Unlikely To Be Available' for Rolling Stones Tour

Watts, who turned 80 in June, clarified, “For once my planning has been somewhat off. I’m endeavoring to get completely fit however I have today acknowledged on the guidance of the specialists that this will take some time.

After every one of the fans’ experiencing brought about by COVID, I truly don’t need the numerous RS fans who have been holding tickets for this visit to be frustrated by another deferment or abrogation. I have accordingly asked my incredible companion Steve Jordan to sub for me.”

Jordan has knowledge of the Stones camp, having played on three of Keith Richards’ independent collections and was an individual from the guitarist’s side undertaking X-contemplative Winos. His credits incorporate various collections with The Blues Brothers, B.B. Ruler, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Beyoncé, LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars and then some.

“It is an outright honor and an advantage to be Charlie’s understudy and I am anticipating practicing with Mick, Keith and Ronnie,” added Jordan.

“Nobody will be more joyful than me to surrender my seat on the drum riser when Charlie discloses to me he is a great idea to go.”


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