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Dominic West’s Wife Discusses The ‘Highs And Lows’ Of Their Marriage Following The Lily James Scandal.

Dominic west and wife discusses highs and lows


Dominic West’s wife Catherine FitzGerald recently spent seven months reflecting on ups and downs of her marriage to her husband following the Lily James scandal. PDA images of Dominic West with his love-seeking co-star Lily James came out of Italy on the Internet in October 2020. The photos were quick to make headlines, and now the wife of Dominic West is about the same.

Dominic West's Wife Is Reportedly Holding “Family Crisis Meetings” at Her  Family's Castle | Vanity Fair

Catherine about her marriage with Dominic

According to E! News, Catherine was interviewed recently by the Irish Independent and commented on her marriage. For ten years now, Catherine and Dominic are married and together four children have told the outlet that their relationship is still strong. Catherine spoke of the beginning of the relationship when she met students at Trinity College and had a wonderful love affair. She added more, “I had a small campus room, and Dominic had a garret apartment in the top floor of a Mountjoy Square building. It fell, but you can get out on the roof and sit on the hot slate–it was a beautiful summer that year–and we can look over Dublin and read poetry from afar with the mountains.”
She revealed that they broke up after school and went their own way with the baby of Dominic with his ex-friend Polly Astor. However, in the early 2000s, the two revived their romance and married after a period of six years. She said she was 32 when she got married and decided to put everything into her work, but she was wonderful to fall in love.


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