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Heather Dubrow’s “Very Honest And Completely Uncensored” Book (EXCLUSIVE).

Heather Dubrow'S

Heather Dubrow’s “Very Honest and Completely Uncensored” Book (EXCLUSIVE).

Heather Dubrow and her husband, Terry Dubrow, were in the midst of building their Crystal Cove dream home and raising their four small children, Max, Nicholas, Katerina, and Collette Dubrow, when they were last seen on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 11.

Heather announced her return to the hit reality series for Season 16 in 2021, and a lot has changed for the native New Yorker in her five-year absence.

Heather and Terry’s children have grown up a lot since they completed the Dubrow Chateau’s construction and decoration. Max and Nick, their two oldest children, are also applying to colleges.

During Heather’s absence from the show, Max came out as bisexual and started a podcast about her adolescent experiences. I’ll Give It to You Straightish: What Your Teen Really Wants to Know is her new book.

Dr. Judy Ho, a triple-board certified and licenced clinical and forensic neuropsychologist and Associate Professor at Pepperdine University, contributes to Max’s reflections on her own experience as a Gen Z adolescent.

Max and Heather, who co-wrote the book’s foreword, spoke exclusively with Distractify about their close friendship and whether any topic was off-limits during the writing process.

Max came out as bisexual in an Instagram post in June 2020, months before Heather confirmed her return to the RHOC cast.

When she was 16, she posted two photos of herself draped in a rainbow flag, a symbol for the LGBTQ(plus) community.

Heather Dubrow Shares First Look at RHOC Return: 'Here We Go' | PEOPLE.com

“Straight-ish,” Max captioned the photo. The post received nearly 12,400 likes on the photo-sharing app.

“When Max came out, we were both swamped [with]thousands of responses from parents and kids,” Heather explained.

As a result of the outpouring of love, Max launched the I’ll Give It to You Straightish podcast. Instead of leaving the discussion to the adults, she wanted to give children a voice.

I’ll Give It to You Straightish: What Your Teen Wants to Know was inspired by the California native’s decision to write down her thoughts, advice, and story for her book, I’ll Give It to You Straightish: What Your Teen Wants to Know.

“I was simply incredibly inspired because I was receiving so many DMs and wonderful responses from kids informing me that my… In a nutshell, this is brinkwire.


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