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In A New Video, G-Eazy And Demi Lovato Are In The Midst Of A Harrowing ‘Breakdown.’

G-Eazy And Demi Lovato

In the video for their new song “Breakdown,” G-Eazy and Demi Lovato look for solace in the midst of chaos. The song will be included on the rapper’s upcoming fourth studio album, These Things Happen Too, which will be released on September 24th.

The harrowing video begins with close-ups of Lovato and G-Eazy, followed by headlines about current events involving them, ranging from Lovato’s overdose to speculation about the rapper’s personal life. Their faces are soon obscured by the words. As Lovato’s chorus conveys, the song details being in the midst of a breakdown and the need for a friend to help them through difficult times.On the first verse, Lovato sings, “I got big plans, but none of them feel like mine.” “And I miss the days when I felt like myself.”

G-Eazy raps, “Been fighting my demons, but they ain’t fighting fair/But I keep saying that everything is all right, I swear.” “I’m all alone in a dark space, there’s no light in there/weird What’s is I might actually like it there.”

Demi Lovato 'dating rapper G-Eazy' as she's spotted leaving a nightclub  with a mystery man

The song, which addresses troubling headlines, comes after G-Eazy made headlines on Monday when he was arrested and charged with assault, according to USA Today. The charges stem from an incident last Friday in New York City in which he allegedly hit two people in the face. Prior to his arrest, he attended the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. Meanwhile, Lovato will perform from Los Angeles on September 26th as part of Global Citizen Live, alongside Stevie Wonder, Adam Lambert, H.E.R., and other artists.


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