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Jon Moxley Wins The GCW Title And Will Face Nick Gage


Jon Moxley showed up at Saturday night’s GCW Art of War Games show in Chicago and crushed Matt Cardona to win the GCW Title.

Moxley went eye to eye with Nick Gage subsequent to, moving him to coordinate, with Gage tolerating. The two will confront each other on October ninth in Atlantic City.

Full outcomes (h/t Fightful), alongside features of Moxley’s appearance, are below.

* Billie Starkz crushed Janai Kai * Tony Deppen crushed Allie

Jon Moxley And Renee Young Expecting Their First Child - Wrestling Inc.

* PBR Ladder Scramble Fuckfest: Ninja Mack crushed Dante Leon, Yoya, Nick Wayne, Jake Lander, Shane Mercer, and Jordan Oliver

* The Art of War Games: MDK Gang (Nick Gage, Alex Colon, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, EFFY, and AJ Gray) crushed 44OH! (Rickey Shane Page, Atticus Cogar, Gregory Iron, Bobby Beverly, Eddy Only, and Eric Ryan)

* GCW Championship Open Challenge: Matt Cardona (c) crushed Frank The Clown

* GCW Championship Open Challenge: Jon Moxley crushed Matt Cardona (c)


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