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Los Bukis 2021: Legendary Mexican Band Performs At Soldier Field To A Sold-Out Crowd.


CHICAGO (WLS) – Soldier Field was sold out interestingly since the pandemic started Saturday for a noteworthy get-together. Without precedent for a very long time, incredible Mexican band Los Bukis is back together again this mid year.

A coordinator said about 50,000 came out Saturday to see the Latin gathering, warmly known as the Mexican Beatles. They will likewise have another show Sunday. They played a sold out show in Chicago Labor Day weekend, after a couple of sold out shows in Los Angeles last end of the week. “I’m invigorated,” said Angela Oliva from Blue Island.

“I feel fortunate I that I got one of the tickets,” added Marvro Lekondua, who went from Louisville, Kentucky. The get-together show united ages of families, with some bridging the country for an uncommon, nostalgic chance. Omar Hernandez came right from New Mexico, and Octavio and Blanca Ambrsio drove 11 hours for a show they wouldn’t miss.

Mexican Band Los Bukis to Reunite for 1st Tour in 25 Years | Chicago News -

“This is the music the we was listening when we was youthful,” Blanca said. “We don’t have the foggiest idea what will happen tomorrow, so we’re here with regards to this chance and we say, ‘Hello, how about we go,'” Octavio added.Of course, COVID was at the highest point of psyche for some at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

In spite of the fact that there was no antibody command or veil prerequisite outside, many actually covered up in the groups. “I’m somewhat anxious at the same time, you realize I immunized. I know, dislike, 100%, similar to, I will not get it, yet I’m certainly going to do my own part,” Oliva said.

Los Bukis 2021: Legendary Mexican band hold sold out reunion concert at  Soldier Field - News Nation USA

“I feel exceptionally certain being here around evening time, um, you know, I have my cover – I’ll face potential challenge when I’m inside,” Hernandez added.


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