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Lady Gaga Addresses Criticism Of Her Performance In ‘House Of Gucci.’


Lady Gaga’s character, Patrizia Reggiani, is well-known in House of Gucci for two reasons. She was married to Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the company’s founder, Guccio Gucci, and she was convicted in 1995 of murdering the fashion heir.Gaga said she spent months studying Reggiani for director Ridley Scott’s new film to prepare for the role.”As an actress, I had to decide, ‘Did she have the murder gene?’ Was she born a murderer?’ And I don’t think she was “On Morning Edition, Gaga told NPR host A Martnez. “I believe it was the trauma triggers she experienced throughout her life that shaped her into the monster she became.”On Nov. 29, the heirs of Maurizio’s uncle, former chairman Aldo Gucci, issued a statement saying that the film’s portrayal of the family was inaccurate and that they were portrayed as “thugs, ignorant, and insensitive to the world around them.”When asked about the criticism, Lady Gaga expressed sympathy for the family.

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“It must be excruciatingly painful to watch this. A true life storey is told in what is essentially our version of the truth and Ridley’s version of the storey “She stated.Lady Gaga went on to say that she tried her hardest to make it “a storey about women and survival.”She discussed her role in House of Gucci with NPR’s Morning Edition, from her accent to how the role came to her during a time of crisis in her own life.

Take us through the process of perfecting that accent. Patricia was with me on set every day, and I spoke in my accent the entire time, despite the fact that I don’t speak Italian fluently. I know a little Italian. When I do speak Italian, I do so with my own accent.

I’ve known Donatella Versace for many years and can sometimes speak like her. So, in a way, I took my time to erase the things that I do so that I could study the way she spoke, so that it was authentic, real, and specific.

So, when she’s younger, her voice is higher, and when she’s older, her voice is lower. As a result, I approached it in a very scientific manner. And because I’m a singer, you learn how to do things with your mouth — vowel sounds, consonants, all kinds of things. So I studied in a very specific way, but a lot of it was just time, focus, dedication, and living in it.

Patrizia was probably intrigued by the fact that Maurizio didn’t want to be a part of the family business because she grew up with so much less than him. She couldn’t believe you could have a dynasty at your disposal and not take control of it, cherish it, and run it.

She was a survivor, weaving herself in and out of the family. And I really tried to tap into the idea that it’s less about being opportunistic and more about – “How do I take what life throws at me?” and “How can I be the absolute best at it?” “How am I going to seize it?” “How can I not only survive, but also win in ways that my family has never won before?”I have a problem with celebrity.

For many years, I struggled with the existential crisis of love and art, as well as a desire for a more private life.

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I discovered this character, read it, and spoke with Ridley, who told me, “She really loved him.” And then I thought to myself, “that I know how to do,” referring to playing a serial killer and simply playing something without dynamics in which you simply play an evil person for the duration of the film. That doesn’t pique my interest.

But she would have been a real young girl and a real woman who fell madly in love and thought she was important because she was smart. She thought she was important because she was strong.

He thought she was important because he loved her. Then to be abandoned and left behind. I believe that the hat trick with this film was that there was heart put into it, and I believe that it could have easily been just something compelling to watch. But I believe it evolved into something compelling, as well as something that elicited empathy for all of the characters, implying empathy for this family. This war, this war for their own skins, and this war for Gucci.


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