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Meet Behnood Javaherpour, A World-Renowned Art Curator And Fashion Designer Who Presents His Perspective On Islamic Art.

He owns his own art agency, through which he hopes to promote artists and painters while highlighting Islamic art.

There are far too many terms that have arisen, all of which have changed the world’s definition of art in multiple ways. Islamic Art, according to Behnood Javaherpour, one of the best fashion designers, art curators, and philanthropists, is one such art. The visual arts produced in the Islamic world are referred to as Islamic art. Islamic art is difficult to categorize because it spans a variety of cultures, times, and genres, including Islamic architecture, calligraphy, miniature, glass, pottery, and textile arts like carpets and embroidery. It includes both religious and non-religious art styles. Calligraphy, architecture, and religious building furnishings, such as mosque fittings (e.g., mosque lamps and Girih tiles), woodwork, and carpets, are examples of religious art. Secular art flourished in the Islamic culture as well, despite religious academics criticizing some of its components.

Behnood Javaherpour

Islamic Art, according to Behnood Javaherpour, is all about dynamic creativity, since it encompasses superb handwriting found in handcrafted Quran editions, as well as intricate geometric forms and patterns found in traditional design and architecture. When asked Behnood what he thinks makes Islamic Art special, he says, “The art encompasses all facets of Muslim culture. Surface decoration, which is used to decorate ceramics, mosques, books, and rugs with complicated patterns, is one of the most important Islamic arts. They are distinct in that they radiate meaning rather than merely their physical form. This demonstrates why the community places such a high value on its holy scriptures.”

Behnood also manages his own art agency, which is open to amazing painters and artists, and through which they may earn a royalty for their work by selling or auctioning it. He urges art lovers and others around the world to appreciate the traditional forms of Islamic culture by teaching and inspiring more individuals to develop and create Islamic art in the modern world. He also believes that creativity is only thriving in the twenty-first century and that it plays a critical role in projecting a progressive image of Islam.

To learn more, follow Behnood on Instagram at @behnoodjavaherpour.

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