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Elon Musk Blasted By Using Anonymous Hackers After Cryptic Crypto Tweets

Elon Musk Blasted By Using Anonymous Hackers After Cryptic Crypto Tweets

Elon Musk seems to be the modern day goal of a infamous crew of hackers.

The politically charged hacker team Anonymous posted a video blasting the SpaceX and Tesla CEO for “constantly trolling” cryptocurrency markets.

“For the previous, a number of years you have loved one of the most favorable reputations of everybody in the billionaire classification due to the fact you have tapped into the want that many of us have to stay in a world with electric-powered vehicles and house exploration,” an individual sporting a Guy Fawkes masks with a digitally altered voice stated in the video, posted to Twitter Saturday.

Elon Musk blasted by Anonymous hackers after cryptic crypto tweets | Fox  Business

“Recently… humans are starting to see you like some other narcissistic wealthy due who is determined for attention.”

The message got here after Musk posted but every other cryptic tweet about Bitcoin that devalued the asset Friday.

“Millions of retail traders have been definitely counting on their crypto positive factors to enhance their lives,” the parent in the video said. “Of course, they took the threat upon themselves when they invested, and everybody is aware of to be organized for volatility in crypto, however your tweets this week exhibit a clear dismiss for the common working person.”

Elon Musk targeted by hacking group Anonymous over tweets sending Bitcoin  price plunging - The Amed Post

Anonymous, which has been linked to cyber assaults on police departments, politicians, monetary agencies, and religions, went on to trouble what regarded to be an indistinct warning to the tycoon.

“You can also suppose you are the smartest character in the room, however now you have met your match. We are Anonymous! We are legion. Expect us,” the character said.

Musk did now not tackle the thinly veiled hazard directly, however about 20 minutes after the group’s post, Musk tweeted: “Don’t kill what you hate, Save what you love.”

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