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German Automobile Manufacturers Oppose Climate Change Campaign

German automaker Daimler has dismissed a “quit and desist” demand from environmental companies to commit to ending the sale of combustion engine automobiles by 2030.

German automaker Daimler on Friday brushed off a “stop and desist” call from environmental companies to decide to end the sale of combustion engine cars with the aid of 2030.

Lawyers for Greenpeace and the group Deutsche Umwelthilfe have threatened to sue Daimler, BMW, and Volkswagen unless they sign a prison pledge not to place new gasoline-fueled cars on the market by the end of this decade.

German carmakers reject environmental groups' climate demand | CTV News |  Autos

Corporations argue that groups are certain by way of the same regulations as governments when it comes to reducing greenhouse gasoline emissions to fight climate change. The identical legal professionals successfully sued the German authorities in advance of this year, forcing them to adjust their emissions reduction plans to shift extra weight onto older generations.

In a letter addressed to Volkswagen, Greenpeace stated it believes VW “poses a hazard to the absolute rights, consisting of the property, fitness, and lives of our customers” by being responsible for the discharge of huge amounts of planet-warming carbon dioxide.

Daimler said in a declaration that it saw “no foundation” for the groups’ demand.

“If it comes to a lawsuit, we can use all legal methods to defend ourselves,” the agency stated.

Daimler stated it’s miles devoted to the goals of the 2015 Paris weather accord and aims to make its complete car fleet weather-impartial by 2039, more than a decade before present day European Union policies require it.

German carmakers reject environmental groups' climate demand | Region |  register-herald.com

BMW stated it might examine the legal chance from the environmental organizations, but stated it was already devoted to the Paris accord’s purpose of capping global warming at 1.five degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit). The luxury carmaker stated it desires to position 10 million completely electric-powered automobiles on the street over the approaching decade. BMW offered more than 2.three million cars in 2020.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe also despatched a cease and desist call to the oil and herbal fuel organisation Wintershall Dea, one of the traders inside the Nord Stream 2 pipeline being constructed from Russia to Germany.

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