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Putin Claims That US-Russia Relations Have Reached Their “Lowest Point” In Years.

The Russian president, in front of his gathering with Joe Biden, additionally adulated the previous US President, Donald Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, ahead of his June 16 gathering with United States President Joe Biden, said relations between the US and Russia are at a nadir. 

“We have a reciprocal relationship that has decayed to its absolute bottom as of late,” Putin revealed to NBC News in a meeting broadcast on Friday with an English interpretation of his comments. 

Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva one week from now and Biden, after showing up in the United Kingdom for his first overseas outing as president on Wednesday, cautioned Putin that he would send an unmistakable message to him during their gathering. 

“We’re not looking at a struggle with Russia,” Biden said. “We need a steady and unsurprising relationship… Yet I’ve been clear: The United States will react in a vigorous and significant manner if the Russian government takes part in destructive exercises. ” 

Putin says relations with US at lowest point in years | Deccan Herald

The pioneers’ first face-to-face meeting comes at a time when relations between Washington and Moscow are strained over a number of issues, including confirmed Russian cyberattacks against the US and the confinement of Alexey Navalny, a Kremlin pundit.

Commendation for Trump 

In the NBC interview, Putin adulated the previous President, Donald Trump, as “a remarkable individual, a skilled individual,” and called Biden “drastically extraordinary”. 

“Well, even now, I accept that the previous US President, Mr. Trump, is an exceptional individual, a capable individual, or else he would not have become the US president,” Putin said. 

“He is a brilliant person. You may like him or not. What’s more, he didn’t come from the US foundation. He had not been essential to big-time governmental issues previously, and some like it, some don’t care for it, but that is true. ” 

Putin added that Biden “is profoundly unique in relation to Trump since President Biden is a lifelong man. He has spent nearly his entire adult life working on legislative issues.

“That is an alternate sort of individual, and it is my extraordinary expectation that, indeed, there are a few benefits, a few disservices, but there won’t be any motivation-based developments for the sitting US president.” 

Russia Putin says relations with US at lowest point in years

The following week’s face-to-face meeting between Putin and Biden is seen by US officials as an opportunity to shift the relationship away from what they see as the previous President, Trump’s, grovelling suggestions to Putin.

Russian authorities told the Reuters news organization they see the highest point as a chance to hear from Biden straightforwardly after what one source in the Russian government said were blended messages from the US organization that got down to business on January 20. 

After getting some information about Biden calling him an executioner in a meeting in March, Putin said he had heard many such allegations. “This isn’t something I stress over at all,” Putin said.

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