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The divorce Petition Filed By Jana Kramer Includes A Temporary Restraining Order.

Jana Kramer

The singer and actress Jana Kramer and her alienated husband Mike Caussin were forbidden from speaking to their children in contempt of one another as part of a temporary restriction order linked to divorce.

Jana Kramer Cited 'Adultery' in Divorce Filing from Mike Cuassin |  PEOPLE.com

The former One Tree Hill star pulled the plug into her troubled marriage on 20 April and quoted in the Tennessee court file “unsuitable marital conduct, irreconcilable differences and adultery,” among reports that Caussin had again cheated Jana Kramer almost five years after a rocketing scandal

The exes have two young children, and the divorce process automatically led a court official to issue a temporary restraining order against the couple according to legal papers obtained by Us Weekly, which forced them to comply with a series of strict conditions under state law.

The prohibition prohibits stars from harassed, threatened, assaulted or abused by their spouses, from “disparaging” the storey of their wives to, or before, their children and/or employers or from moving their children out of Tennissee or “over 50 miles away” without prior permission.

The former couple must also avoid hiding or destroying any evidence stored on a computer hard drive or memory storage device, or do anything to any marital property that diminishes its value

Burke filled the latest episode of his Whine Down podcast for Kramer and Caussin, on which they chronically described their relationship higher and lower.

Jana Kramer Announces Separation From Husband Michael Caussin Sounds Like  Nashville

Producer Mark Mohelnitzky admitted to the show on Monday that he was shocked to learn about their imminent divorce.

“I was amazed when I heard the newspaper,” he told listeners, reflecting: “These two years of podcasting were arguing, bickering, struggling in their relationship, but I thought they had actually turned a corner.”

He continued: “I really thought Michael’s therapy had reached a point where he passed what he was said to be doing.”

Caussin still has to comment on the rumours of divorce or infidelity.

Kramer sought joint custody of Jolie’s daughter, five, and Jace’s son, two, while also seeking Caussin’s alimony and the legal fees.

She also wishes the judge to comply with the post-nuptial agreement signed in 2015 after linking the knot.

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