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Trump Is Heading To The US-Mexico Border To Launch New Attacks Biden Policies

Trump Is Heading To The US-Mexico Border To Launch New Attacks Biden Policies

Former President Donald Trump is visiting the U.S.-Mexico border on Wednesday as he seeks to reclaim the spotlight, driving a wave of Republican assaults on President Joe Biden over the upward push in migrants caught coming into the United States.

The trip with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to an unfinished section of the border wall near Weslaco at the southern tip of Texas is the second public look this week with the help of Trump, a Republican who lost the November election to Biden, a Democrat.

Trump slammed Biden at an Ohio rally on Saturday https://www.reuters.com/global/us/trump-revenge-tour-kicks-off-with-Saturday-rally-ohio-2021-06-26, his first since leaving the White House, accusing him of “dismantled border defenses and a flood of unlawful migrants that are in no way visible.”

Trump heads to U.S.-Mexico border for fresh attacks on Biden policies |  Reuters

Since taking office five months ago, Biden has reversed many of Trump’s restrictive rules and promised a more humane machine. He halted the construction of Trump’s signature border wall and ended a program that forced tens of thousands of migrants to live in Mexico while their asylum claims in the United States were resolved.

Arrests on the southwest border have risen to their highest monthly levels in a long time, according to Biden, and Republicans have blamed increased welcoming policies.https://www.reuters.com/article/us-u.s.a.-immigration-children-explainer/explainer-why-greater-migrant-youngsters-are-arriving-to-the-united-state-of-America Mexico-border-idUSKBN2BA11B.

Although Republicans have signaled that immigration could be a focus of their campaign to retake control of Congress in the next 12 months, Reuters/Ipsos polling of 4,420 adults indicates their attacks are having little effect.

Approximately 10% of adults ranked immigration as the kingdom’s top priority in a June 11-17 poll, down 5 points from a similar survey in April. Among Republicans, 19% ranked immigration as a top priority, a drop of ten points from April.

People’s approval of Biden’s handling of border issues has remained nearly unchanged in recent months, with 47% saying they disapproved of his immigration management while 40% said they approved.

Biden officials say poverty, crime, corruption and the effects of weather change have driven migrants north from parts of the US and defend the administration’s method of securing the border.

This year, more than 270,000 migrants have been apprehended within the Rio Grande Valley zone of the United States Border Patrol, making it by far the busiest stretch of the southwestern border.

VP Kamala Harris, whom Biden tasked with addressing the root causes of migration into the US from the US, visited the U.S.-Mexico border close to El Paso on Friday https://www.reuters.com/international/americas/harris-visits-us-mexico-border-amid-criticism-republicans-2021-06-25. Many Republicans, including Trump and Abbott, recently photographed Harris.

Harris entreated officials to recognize realistic answers during her border visit last week, saying, “This issue can’t be reduced to a political difficulty. We’re talking about kids, families, and pain.

In a statement, Abbott stated that Harris has shifted her focus away from the “real hassle areas” along the border, and that she will “fail in her project if she refuses to speak to residents of the Del Rio sector whose homes and ranches are being overrun by gangs and smugglers.”

Trump has publicly discussed the possibility of running for president again in 2024.Abbott is also a strong contender for the Republican nomination.

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