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At the LHHATL season premiere, Erica Mena And Safari Samuels Address Their Hard Marriage.


Erica Mena and Safari Samuels It appears to be that the new birth of an infant child has arrived at the cutoff, however fans can perceive what turned out badly in the new period of “Affection and Hip-Hop Atlanta.”

In a clasp of a show that is as of now being discussed via web-based media, Erica Mena and Safari Samuels have an exceptionally practical and excruciating conversation about the breakdown of their relationship.

Towards the finish of Season debut Erica Mena and Safari Samuels in “Adoration and Hip-Hop Atlanta” resemble a couple totally different from what they saw at a perfect multi-million dollar wedding. As well as getting into a verbal fight, the two attempt to hash what the issue is.

Erica blames Safari for being not, at this point keen on turning into a spouse and father and focusing on it since the truth of Safari’s duties has authoritatively started.

She likewise says she works nearly as a solitary parent since she infrequently offers to assist her with their young girl, Safire.

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Safari, then again, says his disposition comes from the way that he never envisioned that turning into a spouse and father would be a particularly overwhelming assignment.

He made statements among him and Erica weren’t as they were toward the start, and their relationship was no longer interesting.

Erica Mena and Safari Samuels examine their rough marriage at the LHHATL season debut.


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