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VALE SCREEN Saved By The Bell Reboot Pays Heartfelt Tribute To Screech Powers Actor Dustin Diamond.


The Saved by the Bell star, who died in January of stage four lung cancer, was remembered in the most recent episode of the rebooted series.The actor rose to prominence on the iconic 90s teen dramedy, which was rebooted last year.It was so successful that the second season was just released on Peacock streaming service, and producers made sure to give a powerful nod to one of its most famous stars.

The season two premiere featured original characters Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and AC Slater, as well as a surprise appearance by Screech’s beloved robot, Kevin (Mario Lopez).They paid tribute to Screech but didn’t say anything about how he died.In the episode, Zack told AC, “[The] worst things happened this year.

Tori Spelling Pays Tribute to Dustin Diamond After His Death | PEOPLE.com

“The men are then joined by their original gan, Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley), Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen), and Lisa at their school hangout The Max (Lark Voorhies).Max revealed to them the Screech Spaghetti Burger, a special new addition to the menu.Robot Kevin served the gang their burgers, and the episode then cut to a montage of their best Screech moments.Tracey Wigfield, executive producer of Saved By The Bell, explained that the original cast wanted to pay tribute to their friend.

“It would have been wrong not to acknowledge that in a real way and not have our OG characters mourning this character who we’ll never see again,” she told Variety.That’s what I wanted to put on the screen, but I also wanted to make sure we were as sensitive as possible.”Dustin was admitted to the hospital in January and diagnosed with stage four small cell carcinoma, despite the fact that he claimed he never smoked cigarettes.Just hours before his death, The Sun revealed that his cancer was terminal.

Tori Spelling Pays Tribute to Dustin Diamond After His Death | PEOPLE.com

He had told friends that after he died, he wanted to be cremated and buried without a gravestone because he was afraid of people vandalising it and wanted to be “left in peace.

“Dan Block, a friend of Dustin’s who met him after hiring him to do commercials for his company Insurance King, previously stated that the actor was subjected to constant public ridicule both in person and online – and that he believed the bullying had prevented him from seeking treatment sooner. He claimed to have had a “huge lump” on his neck for some time, but tragically delayed going to the hospital for fear of being photographed and posted online.


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