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WhatsApp Does Not Implement New Rules On Data Sharing In Turkey

WhatsApp doesn’t carry out new guidelines on information partaking in Turkey

WhatsApp Does Not Implement New Rules On Data Sharing In Turkey

WhatsApp has educated Turkey that its questionable new information-sharing principles won’t happen in the country, the Turkish rivalry guard dog said Friday. 

In January, the informing application reported that it was updating its terms of administration and security rules, prompting clients to consent to share more of their information with Facebook, which owns WhatsApp.

WhatsApp denies it will drop privacy update for Turkey users - The San  Diego Union-Tribune

The development had caused a commotion in Turkey, with clients concerned about the possible sharing of their own data beginning to download alternative informing applications, for example, Signal, Telegram, or the Turkish application, Bip, created by cell phone administrator Turkcell. Many people chose to delete their WhatsApp accounts despite the fact that the messaging app guaranteed that the content of messages would remain encrypted.

Turkey’s Competition Board, in the interim, had dispatched an examination concerning Facebook and WhatsApp over a potential infringement of Article 6 of Turkey’s opposition laws, which bar organizations from “mishandling their prevailing positions.” 

WhatsApp won't apply new data-sharing rules in Turkey | CTV News

In a concise proclamation Friday, the opposition authorities said they had been advised by WhatsApp that the update “won’t become effective for any client in Turkey, including clients who endorsed it.”

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